Non-Medical Services

We’re proud to provide many complementary services to our patients and families. These special services—meant to further promote healing and comfort —are available to anyone who might benefit from them. You can learn more  about any of these services by speaking with your Hospice of the Piedmont team members.

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Supportive Music

Hospice of the Piedmont is pleased to be able to offer several different supportive music offerings to patients and families. Music by the Bedside and Front Porch Music provide musicians who are able to play soothing music in a variety of settings – in patients’ homes, in nursing homes or assisted living communities, or in the Hospice House and Center for Acute Hospice Care. There are many healing benefits to this type of music programming, including relaxation, a boost to the immune system, and the need for less pain therapy and medication.

Art by the Bedside

Art by the Bedside, led by our team of experienced certified art therapists, allows patients with life-limiting illnesses to practice artistic and creative expression through a variety of media and tools. Like supportive music, there are many healing benefits to artistic and creative expression. This service is available to our patients in whatever setting they are most comfortable.

Healing Touch

Many patients and caregivers find comfort and solace in the healing power of touch. Our massage and Reiki therapy volunteers seek to provide that comfort. Our volunteer massage therapists can focus a massage specifically on a patient or caregivers’ needs. Some patients like a full-body massage, while others prefer a focus on the shoulders or neck. Caregivers can also benefit from massage therapy. Our volunteers can provide patients and caregivers with Reiki therapy, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.


In our volunteer-led pet therapy program, service dogs visit the Hospice House, nursing homes, assisted living communities, or private residences of our patients. A patient may pet, hold, or otherwise interact with the service dog. For patients who previously had pets and no longer do, these visits are very soothing and provide much joy to all parties involved.

11th Hour Vigil

This program was built around our vision that no one should have to die alone. The 11th Hour Vigil pairs volunteers with patients who would otherwise be alone during their final hours, or a patient whose family needs additional support. Sometimes a family may be on the way to the patient’s bedside, and the volunteer will sit with the patient until the family arrives. The role of the volunteer is simply to be present. This is a chance to provide patients with a loving and accepting presence at the very end.

Death Doula

Inspired by the role of a midwife in the birthing process, a death doula serves as a supporter of all of your end-of-life needs. Doulas take a holistic approach to helping patients and families create an empowered, intentional plan for the final months of life. They also provide a calming, positive presence. Learn more about the death doula program here.