““It’s almost unbelievable how much better things are in our home. I want other parents and children to know: it’s never too late to get help for your pain.”

- Mother of a Journeys participant

The grief journey can be lonely for a child, filled with sadness, anger, and fear.

journeysOur Center’s team of art therapists, bereavement counselors, and volunteers provides children with a safe and positive place to understand, learn, and grieve. Journeys uses expressive, music, and art therapy to help kids—ages four to eighteen—express their feelings, cope with the death, and create memories in a safe and caring environment. The program includes individual counseling by our caring and professional bereavement specialists, multi-week support groups, and full-day bereavement camps. The camps provide children and families a day of creative expression, adventure, grief education, and bonding with others grieving a loss just like them (lunch and snacks provided). Our Journeys program is provided to patients’ families at no cost.

Journeys Family Night

This six-week group for children (age 5+), teens, and family members aims to help families navigate the grief journey together.  Registered art therapists and trained volunteers use art and other creative means to help children and teens cope with their loss, while a bereavement counselor supports parents and guardians living with their own loss so they can learn how to best support their children. Families discover that they are not alone.

The Thursday night group meets at the Hospice of the Piedmont office, begins at 5:30 p.m. with a light dinner, and concludes at 7:00 p.m.  See the Journeys calendar for the date of the next group!

Journeys Bereavement Camps

journeys-photoThe Center for Children offers two bereavement camps per year. The camps provide children (5+), teens, and/or families, surrounded by others who have also experienced a death, a day of creative expression, adventure, grief education, and bonding (lunch and snacks provided).

In the spring and fall, children and teens ages 5-18 come together for the Journeys Family Day to participate in activities to encourage bonding and communication, while memorializing their loved one. Campers join with other grieving children to have fun, learn new ways to cope with loss, and discover that they are not alone.  The day may include art and music expression, challenge course adventures, games, a healing circle, and a closing ceremony.  Click here for the Journeys Fall Family Day flyer.

journey-campThe Journeys Fall Family Day camp is an all day camp for families who have been affected by the death of a loved one; children and teens (5-18) accompanied by a parent or guardian are welcome.  Families will participate in activities such as scrapbook making, canoeing, fishing, grief education, games, and a meaningful closing ceremony.  Family members have fun together, interact with other grieving families, learn new ways to cope, and commemorate their loved one.

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