5 Ways for Seniors to Fight Loneliness

Seniors struggle with loneliness in the best of circumstances, but unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many senior citizens into isolation to keep safe. Unfortunately, the consequence is that seniors are now working much harder to keep loneliness at bay; so we have come up with a few ways they can keep their minds at ease.


Our hobbies are more than just recreational opportunities—they are also potential chances for social interaction. Even if they are only engaged digitally, hobbies can help keep their minds sharp and create a space for social interaction. Alternatively, if the senior is living in a care home, there may be opportunities to participate with other members of the home.

Use of Technology

It is a misnomer that seniors cannot use technology. While it may be more difficult for some, the truth is that technology can be a huge boon to seniors. If you haven’t already, make sure they have the equipment necessary to video conference and call friends and family. This will help keep them connected to others they love.

Home Assistants

Home assistants can be invaluable to helping our seniors with daily tasks of living, but they also provide wonderful ancillary benefits. Having the same person come around is a way to keep seniors engaged in regular social contact. In turn, this can improve their health and their quality of life.

Keep to a Regular Schedule

Retirement should never be an excuse for a sedentary lifestyle. Many medical journals have reported that seniors have better health and feel better if they keep to a healthy regimen of exercise, social interactions, and scheduled events. Even if an event has to be virtual to keep them safe, keeping to a schedule is a simple way of letting seniors thrive.


Exercise can help all of us, more-so for senior citizens. Of course, it should be done in a safe, low-impact way, but light exercise like walking, yoga, and stretching can do wonders for senior citizens who are looking to keep healthy. It can also provide a social outlet and help seniors feel better.

In many cases, professional care may be needed to help guide senior loved ones during this difficult time. If that is the case, make sure to examine the compassionate services of Hospice of the Piedmont.