The Benefits of Acute Hospice Care for Families

When your loved one is coming up towards the end of their life, you want to make their last moments as comfortable, as dignified, and as peaceful as possible. For medical and personal assistance, as someone experiences decline due to a terminal illness, you will want to look into acute hospice care services. Let’s discuss the benefits of acute hospice care, which can be delivered at a place like our Center for Acute Hospice Care, and why it may provide your family member with a higher level of care.

Benefits of Acute Hospice Care

Hospice care refers to the specialized end-of-life care for aging family members coming up on their last breaths. Acute hospice care refers to hospice care that takes place in a medical facility setting.

Hospice of the Piedmont is proud to offer acute hospice care for our patients. Benefits of acute hospice care include:

  • Access to pain medicine and other medical supplies
  • The nearby family waiting area
  • Someone with the patient at all times
  • Support for family members

Moreover, acute hospice care offers a comprehensive plan. Hospice of the Piedmont provides a team of medical and healthcare professionals who address all aspects of the patient’s illness with an emphasis on controlling and reducing pain and discomfort. The hospice interdisciplinary model of care also tends to the social, psychological, emotional, and spiritual pain that a patient and family may experience.

Access to Pain Medicine

One of the main benefits of a medical setting comes from the access to medical supplies一especially in regards to pain medication. At a dedicated medical facility, they can receive pain management medication to keep them as comfortable as possible, delivered by expert medical professionals.

Nearby Family Waiting Area

Your family member probably wants to be surrounded by loved ones to provide support during this challenging time. Luckily, at our Center for Acute Hospice Care, the family has space to stay close. There is a family room with comfortable accommodations, a refridgerator, microwave, and coffee bar within the Center. Private rooms ensure that families and patients have privacy when they want it.

Watch this video to take a tour of our Center for Acute Hospice Care for yourself.

Someone With Patient at All Times

Some people require hospice for multiple months. Naturally, you can’t stay with your family member every moment during that time. With acute hospice care, you know someone will be with your loved one at all times. This can make them feel more comfortable and less alone.

Support for Family Members

Family members may experience intense feelings of depression and anxiety while watching your loved one slowly decline. Luckily, hospice workers are trained to show support to family members, as well as the patient. You will have someone to listen to you or support you if you need it.

Contact Hospice of the Piedmont to learn more about our Center for Acute Hospice Care. You can learn more about what services are covered by your insurance and we can help you figure out how to move forward with the acute hospice care process.