Center for Acute Hospice Care

Opened in 2016, Hospice of the Piedmont’s Center for Acute Hospice Care provides short-term care for hospice patients with symptoms that are similar to what is managed in a hospital environment.

What is the Center for Acute Hospice Care?

Hospice of the Piedmont’s Center for Acute Hospice Care is a state-of-the-art, 10-bed unit that combines the expert, loving care of our home hospice program with the advanced resources of a hospital. Patients and their families can benefit from pain management, comfort care, spiritual and emotional support, and more in a hospital environment that still feels like home.

This cutting-edge facility is one of two acute care hospice facilities in our 12-county service area. The unit is staffed with our physicians, nurses, certified nursing assistants, social workers, chaplains, and volunteers.

Who is cared for at the Center for Acute Hospice Care?

Most of the time, we provide care in patients’ homes, as that is where the majority of people prefer to receive hospice care. However, sometimes hospice patients have acute needs that require an additional level of care for some period of time. For example:

  • If a patient is having a pain crisis and not getting the relief they need, The Center can administer medications much more quickly than what is possible at home.
  • If a patient is struggling with terminal agitation or delirium, The Center can offer a safe environment for the patient and support for their family.
  • If a patient needs extra support managing advanced symptoms, The Center can offer around-the-clock care for their needs.

In cases like this, patients and families may be more comfortable in a hospice facility like the Center for Acute Hospice Care. Generally, patients will only stay at the inpatient facility for a short time, until their symptoms are controlled, and then they can return home or to a long-term care facility to continue receiving hospice care there.

What are the accommodations like?

The Center for Acute Care is designed to give patients and families a comfortable, peaceful space where they can focus on what matters during the final chapter. Each of the 10 bedrooms has a private bathroom, so that patients and families have privacy and convenience during their stay.

In addition to the private rooms, the facility has a family room with a coffee station, multiple seating areas, a full refrigerator, sink, and other necessities available anytime, day or night. The hallways of the facility also feature artwork donated by local elementary and preschools.

There are no restrictions on visiting hours so loved ones are welcome to visit anytime and stay for as long as they like.

Watch the video for a virtual tour.

Where is the Center for Acute Hospice Care?

Hospice of the Piedmont’s Center for Acute Hospice Care is located at:
2965 Ivy Rd, 3rd Floor
Charlottesville, VA 22903

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