Betsy Stuart and Charles Stick discuss Hospice House landscape.

A Restored Garden and Landscape for Hospice House

Hospice House, a historic home on Park Street in Charlottesville, is the face of Hospice of the Piedmont in our community.  Hospice House offers a peaceful and comforting home to patients and their families, as they go through the most vulnerable times. 

Last year, we were pleased to announce a $100K challenge grant from the Perry Foundation that was matched by our community to provide a total of $200K for renovations and improvements to the Hospice House. Now that these renovations and improvements are complete, we are delighted to announce a new project to restore the garden in the front of the house and to upgrade the lawn and landscaping.

Revitalizing Hospice House: Restoring Its Historic Garden

Home is where the heart is, but a house is not a home without a graceful lawn and garden.  Over time, the garden and lawn at Hospice House were regularly maintained, but the overall condition had deteriorated and needed to be refreshed.  A simple and elegant low-maintenance garden and landscape have been designed that is appropriate to the period of the House. 

The restored lawn and garden will provide a beautiful, peaceful, and contemplative outdoor space for families to relax and enjoy. It will welcome visitors, and it will reflect the excellence in care that is provided to patients and their families at Hospice of the Piedmont.

Collaborating with a Renowned Landscape Architect for the Lawn and Garden Design

In the Fall of 2016, Betsy Stuart, a HOP volunteer and local interior designer, donated her services for interior design for Hospice House. Betsy has now volunteered her help with the design of the lawn and garden.

She contacted the renowned landscape architect, Charles Stick, who graciously donated his time and expertise. Betsy has implemented Charles Stick’s ideas, suggestions, and insights to restore the garden and enhance the lawn for Hospice House.

Recognizing the Generosity of Friends and Businesses in Supporting the Project

Betsy has also successfully reached out to local businesses for in-kind donations. Thanks to Betsy’s leadership, support, and enthusiasm, funding for the project is nearly complete, and the work is underway. We are deeply grateful to Betsy Stuart for her time and dedication that made this project possible.

We are pleased to acknowledge the generosity of friends and businesses who supported this project:

  • Grelen Nursery
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Henderson
  • Ivy Nursery
  • Piedmont Turf Management 
  • Practical Arboriculture, Inc. 
  • Saunders Brothers
  • Charles Stick, Landscape Architect
  • The Whitney and Anne Stone Memorial Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. William A. Stuart, III
  • Sammy Terry, Plant Healthcare Specialist