Hospice of the Piedmont Facilities and Operations Manager Greg Nelsen oversees the fund.

The Serenity Fund: Helping Patients and Families When They Need It Most

Established in 2022 by anonymous donors, The Serenity Fund has proven to be an incredible source of support to patients and families facing financial difficulties at the end of life. The mission of The Serenity Fund is to support the safety and comfort of patients and to ease the family’s financial burden for related expenses, such as burial or cremation.

Since its inception, the Serenity Fund has awarded 57 grants totaling over $55,000. In addition to funeral expenses, grants have been awarded for utility bills to prevent shutoff, transportation expenses such as vehicle repair, and medical/personal equipment not covered by the hospice benefit, such as a wheelchair ramp or window air conditioner.

How The Serenity Fund Helps Patients and Families

The application process for funding was established with care and empathy for those in need. Through their interactions with patients and families, social workers or other members of the care team identify and refer those who may need financial support. In order to be considered for an award, the family must provide documentation of financial need as measured by the national poverty index. Assistance must benefit the patient or caregiver(s) in relation to the patient’s dying process.

If the request is approved, families are asked to submit a personal testimonial stating how the fund was used and the difference it made. There are many heartwarming stories reflecting the variety of ways The Serenity Fund has helped patients and families.

Meagan Dye, a social worker at Hospice of the Piedmont, has seen first-hand how the Fund has made a tangible impact.

“The Serenity Fund has been a true gift to our families. I have seen the difference made with several families I’ve worked with who didn’t have the resources to cover bills related to utilities or funeral planning. This donation can make a world of difference for folks and ease the anxiety that comes with end-of-life needs and planning. It really is another way that Hospice of the Piedmont provides comfort care.”

Support for Financial Needs

HOP Facilities and Operations Manager Greg Nelsen oversees the fund and is also thankful for the support. “As a former social worker who often had little to no resources to assist families in financial need, The Serenity Fund has been a godsend. It is a great privilege to administer these funds that help so many families with very real financial needs. For many of those needs, there are no community resources to help, so The Serenity Fund is able to meet financial needs that would otherwise go unmet. For that, we are eternally grateful.”

We are thankful for philanthropic support from the friends and benefactors who make The Serenity Fund possible for our patients and families.