The Serenity Fund Supports Hospice of the Piedmont and Families

Recently, an anonymous donor made a generous gift of $250,000 to Hospice of the Piedmont to assist patients and families with demonstrated financial need, and to support them on their end-of-life journey. With their gift, they established The Serenity Fund. Given in memory of Lynn Huck, the fund will provide financial assistance to patients who require residential care in Hospice House, as well as for the unique urgent financial needs of patients residing in their own homes or facilities. The Serenity Fund was thoughtfully designed to increase access to Hospice House residential care and to provide financial aid for needs directly related to patient safety, care, and comfort, as well as burial and cremation expenses.

The Impact of The Serenity Fund

The Serenity Fund renames and expands the existing Patient and Family Support Fund and enables Hospice of the Piedmont to support more hospice patients and families with financial need. Examples of support include items such as a window air conditioner during a summer heat wave, help with a phone bill to maintain contact with loved ones, and assistance with funeral expenses. The fund will help to alleviate the stress of financial concerns as patients face the end of life.

Vision Behind The Serenity Fund

The generous and thoughtful couple who made the gift expressed their vision for the fund.

“We both have been fortunate to experience firsthand Hospice of the Piedmont’s compassionate care for our loved ones and friends. Hospice House and home programs provide unique support for patients and their families to ensure that the end of their days are met with dignity and peace. The Serenity Fund is designed to allow more people to access this gentle gift that Hospice of the Piedmont offers.”

Coordinating Support with Caregivers at Hospice of the Piedmont

The Serenity Fund is intended to support patients and families with critical financial need directly related to their care. Caregivers at Hospice of the Piedmont can assist in coordinating support, where appropriate, for patients and their families.

Gratitude for Community Support and Mission Delivery

“The Serenity Fund is aptly named, as it will enable us to offer urgent financial support for more patients and families in need,” said Ron Cottrell, CEO of Hospice of the Piedmont. “We are grateful for this meaningful and important gift that will provide tangible benefits to patients and their families. As always, Hospice of the Piedmont continues to be humbled and grateful for the support provided by our community and the partners we have beside us as we are on our daily journey to deliver on our mission.”