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Volunteering For Hospice And Sharing The Love During The Holidays

Beginning hospice treatment can be an emotional and sad time. It can also be a time of closure and peace when a person nears the end of their time in this life. One thing that can be heartbreaking is when there are no family members and no friends to spend time with and offer loving support to the person who has a terminal illness. This is why volunteering for hospice during the holidays is so important.

The holidays can be challenging for many people, and volunteers are needed more than ever to offer compassion and care. Loneliness can make people more vulnerable to new illnesses or worsen an already severe condition.

Where You Can Offer Your Loving Care to Someone in Need

Hospice of the Piedmont is a hospice facility where many people’s loved ones come when they can no longer be cared for at home. Around-the-clock care is available for our palliative care patients and other patient needs.

We help patients and family members through some of the patient’s last days. Making sure they are as comfortable as possible with as little pain as possible. Some of our patients are alone. Which makes them susceptible to more physical pain and sadness than usual during the holidays. You can make a huge impact here.

Donating your time to our hospice can help someone through a difficult time this holiday season. The act of being there, talking, listening, holding someone’s hand can be more appreciated than you know. Volunteering for hospice during the holidays is the best gift you can give someone.

How You Can Be of Service as a Hospice Volunteer During the Holidays

Volunteering with hospice is often more than just interacting with a patient. Some hospice patients do have family, but the family members might be in pain and need your help, too. Your support can consist of respite care, making phone calls, running errands, and anything that would make life easier for the grieving family.

Some volunteers offer their services in areas that can be helpful and soothing to our patients, such as massage, shaving them, or doing their hair or nails. Taking someone out for a walk or a drive can be an excellent way to relax and get out into the world for a little while. Sometimes taking a patient’s children out to play or keeping them occupied can be a way to help everyone.

How to Become a Hospice Volunteer

If this is your first time volunteering with Hospice of the Piedmont or any other hospice, we offer training to those interested. There is a preliminary application process, after which we will contact you for further steps to becoming a hospice volunteer.

We need hospice volunteers in all areas. Physicians and counselors often donate their time, as do other compassionate individuals who want to give of themselves in any way necessary. We will match your specific skillset with a patient’s requirements. You will never be on your own as a volunteer. Our trained staff will be available should you need backup or other moral support.

Call us at 1 800-975-5501 or visit our website to express your interest in volunteering with Hospice of the Piedmont in Charlottesville, VA, during this holiday season and all year long.