What to Look For in Advanced Care

Whether you find yourself looking for advanced care planning for a terminal illness, or you have a loved one who requires end-of-life care, there is a lot to consider around advanced care. If you could use some help getting started, here are some key things many people look for in advanced care.

Caring, Compassionate Providers

You want the members of your loved one’s care team to be genuinely committed to providing for their emotional, mental, and spiritual needs, as much as their physical health. At Hospice of the Piedmont, our interdisciplinary team is highly trained, caring, and compassionate—from our senior leadership to our volunteers.

Support for All Members of the Family

Many people don’t realize that end-of-life care is as much for the whole family as it is for their loved one. Look for facilities that offer services and support for families during, and after, the death of a loved one—like our Center for Grief & Healing, which provides grief support to individuals who have lost a loved one, or who have a loved one facing a terminal diagnosis.

Cost and Coverage

End-of-life care can be a costly expense, and many families struggle to afford the care their loved one’s need. However, many advanced care facilities are covered by private insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare, giving you the services you need without any cost. At Hospice of the Piedmont, we believe that cost shouldn’t get in the way of caring for your loved one—no one is turned away due to an inability to pay.

Comfort, Dignity, and Respect

Patients in hospice care deserve the utmost comfort, dignity, and respect. Many patients have significant care requirements that should be monitored and managed by trained healthcare professionals. Look for a facility that is equipped to handle not only the level of care your loved one currently needs, but also any future changes. At Hospice of the Piedmont, we’ve been providing professional advanced care in the Charlottesville area since 1980. Besides caring for patients at home, who operate a calm, soothing eight-bed Hospice House, as well as a ten-bed Center for Acute Hospice Care unit for patients with acute care needs. There are many things to consider when it comes to choosing an advanced care facility, but you are not alone. Our team can help you make the right choice for your loved one. To learn more about Hospice of the Piedmont, including the care and services we provide, call (434) 817-6900 or visit our website.