“Bearables” Bring Comfort During Loss

A grandfather’s shirt, a mother’s uniform, or a brother’s favorite t-shirt. These are just a few of the items that have been used to carefully stitch together Bearables that are then given to grieving family members providing a keepsake by which to remember a loved one. Bearables are made possible thanks to dedicated Hospice of the Piedmont volunteer seamstresses who have sewn close to 500 bears since 2013, and 95 bears over the past two years alone due to the great loss of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each bearable comes with the message:

I am Your Bearable

Whenever you feel lonely, you can talk to me.

Whenever you feel sadness, you can whisper in my ear.

Whenever you need comfort, you can hug me tight.

Whenever you are joyful, you can hold my hands and dance.

I will always be here for you to love and to make your life more “Bearable”.