a group of caregivers from hospice of the piedmont

Giving Back, Grateful for the Care

The experience a family has during the final months, weeks, or days spent with a loved one — and the grief that follows — can be overwhelming. Specifically, for individuals on hospice care, close relationships and appreciation often develop between the care team, patient, and the patient’s family.

Such was the case recently for a woman and her two daughters as they navigated the end-of-life journey with their loved one. The family has graciously shared their experience in hopes that it will bring comfort and offer a path for others on a similar journey. The following is an excerpt from the letter the family sent to Hospice of the Piedmont shortly after their loved one passed away.

“The nurses at Hospice of the Piedmont are truly extraordinary. They are skilled in administering care for comfort and peace, not seeking a cure. They communicated to our loved one and to us in a way that was straightforward and gentle, while at the same time, open and frank about his situation. They did not sugarcoat; they gave us sound guidance. They supported us as we began to enter this period of grief and mourning, this period of saying goodbye.”

In gratitude for the care their loved one received, the family chose to express their appreciation through a philanthropic gift to Hospice of the Piedmont, which will be used to support nurses in delivering care.

“Gifts from the heart, such as this one, are truly an affirmation of the high-quality, compassionate care we strive to deliver to each and every patient we serve,” shares Alina Fomovska, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Hospice of the Piedmont. “Words of gratitude from our patients’ families mean the world to our caring team of nurses, physicians, chaplains, social workers, and volunteers. A gift that helps enhance our team’s delivery of care is a gift to everyone in the community we serve.”

Gifts in honor of a caregiver or care team may be made at hopva.org/give. If you’d like to discuss a gift, please contact the Development Office at 434-972-3568.